Symptoms of Stress

There are four primary sources of stress:

1. The Environment-examples include noise, pollution, traffic and crowding, and the weather.
2. Physiological-examples include illness, injuries, hormonal fluctuations, and inadequate sleep or nutrition.
3. Your Thoughts-the way you think affects how you respond. Negative self-talk, catastrophizing, and perfectionism all contribute to increased stress.
4. Social Stressors-examples include financial problems, work demands, social events, and losing a loved one.

Symptoms of stress appear in many forms. Some symptoms only impact the person who is directly experiencing stress, while other symptoms may have an impact on our relationships with others. Perhaps you experience some of the examples below when your stress levels are elevated.

  •  Physical symptoms
    o muscular tension
    o colds or other illnesses
    o high blood pressure
    o indigestion
    o ulcers
    o difficulty sleeping
    o fatigue
    o headaches
    o backaches
  •  Emotional symptoms
    o irritability
    o depression
    o anger
    o fear or anxiety
    o feeling overwhelmed
    o mood swings
  •  Cognitive symptoms
    o forgetfulness
    o unwanted or repetitive thoughts
    o difficulty concentrating

Read the full article here and get all the facts


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