Stress, Drinking, Time Managment

In today’s world life is hectic, chaotic and stressful.  This just as true for a college student as it is for anyone.  There are many ways to combat these issues and places to ask for help.  Students need outlets for their energy and time other than school work.  With the stress of the world, school, family, and friends students need to understand that their are ways to cope with stress and many of them are easy and free.  There is always help, when asked for it.

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An Outlet for Students Health

        In college life it is too easy to fall into bad habits and routines.  Breaking these habits is imperative to ensure they do not follow a student throughout their life and negatively effect them.  Bing drinking, unhealthy eating and stress are all habits to easily fall into.  Let this be a guide for students to help them combat the onset of these patterns.